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Denise is a national expert in integrated marketing and entrepreneurship. She helps growing and high-growth businesses reach new levels of success; helps transform start-up businesses into profitable, thriving enterprises; and helps businesses develop new consumer channels. Denise thrives on helping others help themselves.

Denise brings more than 25 years of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing to the table, and understands the convergence of the two. She excels at conceptualizing and executing sophisticated digital and social media marketing efforts, as well as traditional marketing campaigns. Denise has the innate ability to synthesize client and customer needs and initiatives with a defined master plan.


Denise is a business strategist, author and talk show host whose hallmarks include her drive, her ability to connect and negotiate, her sense of humor and her collaborative communication style. She easily, gracefully and efficiently helps clients design, meet and manage projects with aggressive timelines and sensible budgets.

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