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Be A Guest


I always welcome like-minded people to share their DRIVE. Together we ALL move forward.

Do you have a story or an experience to share that can help others that would harmonize well with the areas of our show.  We look for stories that include a real "ah-ha" moment, where it became very evident that you had to do "X", and then you did "X" and then how your life has moved forward since that time.  (If you're part of an organization, you can talk about what has happened in the organization, the "ah-ha"moment and the evolution from there.)

Do you have a published book, established business, practice, are you an Subject Matter Expert (SME), a proverbial Do-Gooder where others could benefit from your advice?

Tell us about you and your topic, share your expertise or idea (in under 300 words). How and what you would like to contribute to the show?

There is no shortage of press, we do pre-show E-news, which is sent to my personal and business subscriber base.

The HAN Network takes and does a fantastic job of promoting the show and us (you) out to their Twitter feed and 15 news sites, LIVE. Plus, it lives on demand forever.


  • Supply the guest’s(your)  web-site, contact information, your next important event, etc.
  • Provide links to all social media : Linked-In, Twitter, FaceBook,  You Tube, Instagram, etc.
  • Provide a head-shot and short bio with any important images for show use.

As a Guest, You Agree to Share and Repost :

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Thank you for your interest in The Drive!