“My Daily Drive” Move All Aspects of Your Life Forward

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A pioneering method of journaling designed to combine the proven rewards of positive thinking with the tangible benefits of reflection and intention setting. With less than nine minutes a day and through uniquely designed writing prompts you’ll be on a new journey of self-discovery. Through expressions of gratitude and feelings, you will steer your personal energy, unleash patterns that do not serve you and re-shape goals based on what you truly desire. With regular use of this system, you’ll find relationships improving and experience synchronicities in your life that are awe inspiring and foster better work/life practices.

It’s easy and self-guided. “My Daily Drive” helps people manage their time, synthesize their emotions and actions, and discover connections that add real meaning to their lives. The method has been called “a new road to creative expression and self fulfillment.”

Discover how setting aside just nine minutes each day can help you chart a better life path and meet the challenges of today’s lifestyle with a sense of clarity and inner calm.