Meet Denise | FAQs

Q? What are your consulting fees?

A. Fees are based on the scope of you needs, projects and desired results.  If you need a longer term commitment, all things in life are negotiable to a degree.  Let's talk to make sure there is the fit you seek to help your organization move forward.

Q? What kinds of organizations do you work with?

A. I work with industry leaders, emerging businesses, purpose-driven companies and organizations who value their culture, the clients, their employees,  their vendors as they growth and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

Q? What topics do you speak about?

A. Visit the Speaker page

Customized keynotes are the most popular and revolve around the topics of  ways to fuel your motivation, use creative thinking to solve challenges and be a better leader. Every keynote is design to move you, your team or your business forward based on your meeting's objectives.

Q? What are your AV and set-up requirements?

A. Wireless lapel microphone (if more than 50 people will attend), LCD projector and cable, Screen, Flip chart and markers, A six- to eight-foot skirted table. I will speak from the table rather than a lectern. For some presentations, I will also need a small cocktail size table or tray-jack. I bring my own laptop computer, remote control and laser pointer.

Suggested room set-up: If you would like the program to be highly interactive, participants are most comfortable when they are seated at tables. If your meeting is a banquet, it is helpful to pre-set the salad and dessert. Clearing and setting courses can delay your schedule and be distracting for your guests if the presentation is taking place while they are eating.

Q? What types of Consulting Services do you provide?

A. Strategy. Usually working with an owner, founder of senior leadership of privately help firms, small businesses with over 50 employees, I help you create and get the right plan in place that will solve a revenue issues, a culture shift and/or a client engagement or retention. Although there are no absolutes in my world here are a few of the areas of focus I deliver on.

  • Executive marketing strategies for the web, mobile, print, and face-to-face that interface and elevate your brand and include engaging all stakeholders
  • Customized digital audience and social media engagement programs with ROO and RIO measured and delivered
  • Sales and business relationship development leadership for entrepreneurs growing their firms
  • Strategic practices for creating customer and audience experiences that match your brand's mission and vision creating repeat and referal business
  • Sales, business development and leadership mentoring and advising
  • Events and program design, creation, management with meticulous execution
  • Motivational training for corporations, groups and associations of all sizes

Q? How Can I listen to Your Podcast?

A. Click here:  

Q? Where is your book sold? Can we get volume discounts?

A. On my site, here:

On Amazon, click here:

Volume discounts are available for education institutions and book clubs over 10 people. Please use the contact form and reach out directly to me to discuss.

Q? What are your speaking fees?

A. Here’s how it works: You decide how long you would like the presentation to be, or how many presentations you would like to have during one day. You might want to offer a presentation several times during a day, so that as many people as possible are able to attend.

My fee depends on how many hours of speaking you need to make your program a success. In our discovery call, we can determine that and create a package that works for you.

  • 3 to 4 hours – please connect to discuss packages and costs.
  • 2 hours – please connect to discuss packages and costs.
  • 1 hour presentation –please connect to discuss packages and costs.
  • The fee includes customized program development with poignant learning objectives and outcomes suited to your specific goals for the event or training and on site delivery, and all travel expenses.
  • There are no additional charges for mileage, rental car, tolls, or meals. If the program is held within 100 miles of Fairfield, Connecticut, $500 is deducted from the fee.
  • Airfare and hotel lodging is billed separately.
  • Customized printed materials like workbooks, and swag can be created based on your budget.


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