When you need a bridge builder, culture motivator, a laser focus on business development, Denise is a purpose-driven strategist who delivers on ROO and ROI enthusiastically.
As your Entrepreneur in Residence or outsourced VP of Marketing, you can rely on an inspirational leadership style, consulting services are customized for a long term strategy or on a project by project basis, all with measurable results.
  • Executive marketing strategies for the web, mobile, print, and face-to-face that interface and elevate your brand and include engaging all stakeholders
  • Customized digital audience and social media engagement programs with ROO and RIO measured and delivered
  • Sales and business relationship development leadership for entrepreneurs growing their firms
  • Strategic practices for creating customer and audience experiences that match your brand's mission and vision creating repeat and referal business
  • Sales, business development and leadership mentoring and advising
  • Events and program design, creation, management with meticulous execution
  • Motivational training for corporations, groups and associations of all sizes

Client results and testimonial 

"Denise is a perfect fit for our firm.  She is the ‘just right’ person to manage our marketing strategy. In Denise I get an enthusiastic driven professional that clones portions of my skill set where needed and outshines me where needed too.  She is a healthy skeptic that challenges me and keeps me on my toes. Denise is driving initiatives forward that others in our company attempted and struggled to deliver on for years but they could not achieve. She jumps in seamlessly to the mix and has just the right combination of small business understanding and long-reaching vision for what is possible. I cannot say enough what a difficult bridge this is to build but she is a strong bridge builder that can make change while not completely upsetting the quality cultural we have built."

Donna M Shea,  Managing Director




Let's have a discovery conversation to see how I may best suit your short and long range vision.  E-mail  Denise@DeniseDiGrigoli.com to set a convenient time to meet in person, by phone or zoom video conference. I look forward to talking with you.

Best regards, Denise