MY DAILY DRIVE METHOD: a road map for self discovery. An entrepreneur's approach to mindfulness, refreshed focus, organization, clarity, creativity, confidence and sense of purpose.

During My Daily Drive, Denise help you DRIVE:

D:      Decide to develop your passions and strengths
R:      Reframe your thoughts, find your inner peace, and move towards your desires
I:       Identify your values and create a personal and/or professional goals with purpose
V:      Visualize your day and craft and roadmap for your version of success
E:      Enjoy the journey and new outcomes as you engage your life with a fresh approach


The method is designed to help you turn your over-stimulated, over-schedule life into a "smooth daily drive".

  • You will find yourself more organized, more creative, less stressed and more self-satisfied.
  • By focusing your mind, and bringing intention to your thoughts (a sort of steering your thoughts), your purposeful actions will follow. Plan will develop. Actions will follow and goals will be met.
  • You will begin to better communicate in all types of relationships because you'll have a revived sense of clarity.
  • The insights and intuition derived from your experience with this type of reflection will bring a greater awareness to your life cues and helpful in recognizing habits that have clouded your thinking.
  • With regular reflection and using this method you live more genuine, contently and authentically every day.