“I look forward to meeting you, learning more about you and your firm’s needs. Here’s a little about me. Let’s connect on-line or in person a discovery meeting.” Denise DiGrgioli


Passionate about helping others succeed, creating transformation through collaboration and leadership.

C-Suite Executive Consultant: Marketing Strategist, Business Relationship Expert and Professional Speaker whose hallmarks include her drive, her ability to connect and negotiate, her sense of humor and her collaborative communication style.

Denise easily, gracefully and efficiently helps clients design, meet and manage projects with aggressive timelines and sensible budgets.

An integrated marketing approach and optimistic entrepreneurial know-how moves the plan and the team forward with measurable results at almost every turn. Everybody benefits. The company, your audience, your clients, your resources and your team profit from the shared efforts of this new approach.

“I help growing and high-growth businesses reach new levels of success; I help transform start-up businesses into a profitable, thriving enterprises; and work with your teams to update their approach to sales while we develop new consumer channels and re-define successful business relationships.

With more than 25 years of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing experience, there is a convergence of the two. Nowadays, we call it human-to-human. It’s a new type of audience engagement, story telling and connecting that is driving brands forward.Without drive, motivation, and a positive outlook, your best laid plans may not materialize.”

If you, your creative, marketing or sales teams need an expert at conceptualizing the best-fit strategy for your vision, I invite you for a complimentary discovery meeting. Executing sophisticated digital, multi-media communication and engagement events into your traditional marketing efforts is just a snapshot of how I have helped others meet and exceed their business goals.

Professional Speaker | Entrepreneur | Strategist | Author

Originally from the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Denise lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. She grew up in family of fearless entrepreneurs and considers helping other success one of the most important things in life.

“Passionate about well-roasted gourmet coffee and chocolate, staying abreast of technology and living with a sense of adventures are personal faves. I learned (just a few years ago) how to ski and road cycle because of my family’s encouragement and I love it! Being a life-long learner invigorates me and I highly recommend it to you! To stay balanced, I like spa visits, beach trips and using my journal, My Daily Drive. It’s how we fuel ourselves that shapes the life and work we live.”