Meet Denise | Clients & Guests

Randy Weis of RD Weis & Company
Jessica Cohen of The Product Agent
Roe Chlala of Festivities Events
Dr. Leonaura Rhodes – Doctor & Neuroscience Expert
Deborah Greenwood of The Center for Family Justice
Seriously Mindy – National Comedian
Joe Rog of Fairfield Theatre Company
Alex Giannini of The Westport Public Library
Innovative Display & Design, Inc.
Tracy Thomas of Venu Magazine
Larry Bingaman of the Regional Water Authority
Dr. Bev and Pure Posture
Allison Held of Healthful Direction
Marika Lindholm of ESME
Martha Morris publisher Town Vibe
Juanita James of Fairfield County Community Foundation
Janet Mandell LMFT
CT Burn Foundation Camp
Hannah Perry of The Giggling Pig Art Studio
Jeanne Kelley of Kelley Credit Consulting Coach
Lisa Colvin of Renfrew Center in Greenwich
Robert Ortner of XL-12 yoga
Patrice Foudy of St. Vincent’s Pet Therapy Program