Denise Can Motivate You and Your Colleagues to Ignite Change, Move Forward on both a Personal and Professional Level


Denise is a nationally known public speaker whose career spans more than 25 years. She brings energized keynotes, engaging motivational workshops and customized mindful-living programs to audiences both inside and outside of the workplace.

It all started in with her book and the thought leadership workshops are based on the principles of her pioneering program My Daily Drive™.

Denise teaches her techniques to seminar participants in person and online, and can bring these workshops to you.

This systematic approach to creating change and positive growth has helped Denise and her clients balance demanding careers with a peaceful and successful family life.

Denise is a business owner, consultant and strategist whose interest in the field of empowerment and self-development began with her own quest to realize more inner peace. Seeking a better work/life balance she created a motivational journaling process, and when one client after another asked her to share her methods, “My Daily Drive” was published.

Today, Denise’s speaking engagements take private and corporate audiences on a journey to uncover new insights, challenge perspectives, provoke imagination, evoke new thinking and ignite change.  Contact her here.