Acceleration does not have to be FAST or SLOW.
It needs to be deliberate.

Podcast listeners are more likely than the average person to be highly educated, earn a high household income, and be a professional.
Even more, effective podcast sponsorship can drive actions on the part of listeners that traditional advertising rarely brings with it.

Our podcast listeners are just that, more often professionals ranging from 28 to 68, 35% men, 65% women

Social recognition leads to a host of possible actions in response (Based on Data Source IAB, 2016 Edison Research)
-> 45% visited a sponsors website
-> 42% considered a new produce or service
-> 37% gathered more info about a company and their product
-> 29% read a book, 27% saw a movie
-> 28% used a promotional coupon mentioned on the podcast
-> 25% purchased a product/service
-> 17% recommended the product or service to others

Your sponsorship includes:
Premier spot on home page of
Custom crafted mention of you and your firm on the show.
Lives forever on the episode and our social media channels.
Social mentions with images, links.

There is no shortage of press when you’re on The Daily Drive with Denise.
We do weekly pre-show e-News, with live links, to my audience.
Sent to my personal and business subscriber base.

Rates vary depending on the on sponsor package options
Please contact us for details. We’ll make it easy and attractive for you 🙂

You’re in good company.