About the Pod-Cast and the Live Stream Talk Show

I always welcome like-minded people to share their DRIVE. Together we ALL move forward.

Our mission is to offer a motivating, contemporary blend of live talk interviews with a mix of uplifting and intelligent news, educational and practical information.  We talk about all the things that fuel your mind, body, and spirit; ultimately creating the life you live.  Topics range from personal and professional development, business of all sorts, conscious living and important issues relevant to a rapidly changing world.

Besides me, I bring in experts, real-life people to amplify the message of how using positive energy and self empowerment can be some of your most important life tactics in creating a happier, fulfilled life, both personally and professionally.

We bring together some of the most outstanding regional, national and global change makers and leaders with purpose driven values: best-selling authors, successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, educators, actors, athletes, spiritual leaders and creatives whose stories are inspiring, motivating and give us the fuel to propel ourselves forward. Our guests believe in supporting individual and collective growth, positive cultural shifts, and making a meaningful difference in the world.

“We appeal to people who want to make a change  in their life, whether it’s to be a better parent, coworker, business person, leader, pet owner, friend, more self fulfilled regards of life’s road conditions.   It’s intelligent talk, infused with a little humor, an hour where people can join in for authentic solutions in an easy to understand segment. I believe you cannot be a success until you help other become a success.”, said Denise.


We’re always looking for good peeps, the “right” peeps, people to share “The Drive.”

~ Do you have a story or an experience to share that can help others that would harmonize well with the areas of our show? (as described above)

~ We look for stories that include a real “ah-ha moment”, where it became very evident that you had to do “X”, and then you did “X” and then how your life has moved forward since that time. So if it is an organization, you can talk about what has happened in the organization and the evolution per the description above.

~ Send us your press release or tell us about your topic, business, adventure, etc. and share your expertise or idea (in under 200 words. Please send us links to your social media and let us know what you would like to contribute to the show.

There is no shortage of press when you’re on the show, we do pre-show email and send to my personal and business subscriber base.

Guests agree to :

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~ Submit your name, your web-site and links to your social media platforms for consideration to denise@denisedigrigol.com


Please supply :

  1. The guest’s web-site, contact information, your next important event, etc.
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Thank you for your interest in The Drive!