32.95 Spiral bound, easy to use, updated for 2019, START AT ANY TIME! It’s a dateless journal, tool of reflection and planner.

A fresh approach begins here. Mindfulness that leads to fresh thinking and new possibilities! It all starts here with nine (9) minutes a day.  New decisions about your life are formed by using this method. A creative tool with a unique format for gratitude, reflection and clarity. This book is designed to help move towards your desires, achieve your goals and experience on-going contentment.Creatively designed exercises help you delve into your intentions and goals as your chronicle your life and engage with writing prompts. The method encourages ‘future journaling’, the latest trend in expressing gratitude. Journaling about your future self can steer your energy or intention and radically change the present. Whether leading an organization, guiding a family or running a business, moving things forward is about deciding what matters most.”You are the most powerful person in your life. And you are the one in control of your journey. Experience this exclusive method for shifting and steering your energy that will help fuel your drive. I designed this method to help myself and then shared it with a few friends. Now I share with the world. “

As a serial-entrepreneur, Denise knows that creating change and positive growth helps balance career demands with the desire for successful life. Everyone deserves a roadmap for success, and it is attainable through looking inward, stating what you want, and developing a plan. It all starts with your DRIVE.


If you want to organize your thoughts and your days to create the life you want- this book is a great tool. You can examine how you spend your time, what people and activities energize you (and which drain you) and begin to set intentions that will make each day more fulfilling and purposeful. Great for those who are looking for a way to be more mindful and creative.

Denise’s Daily Drive is a powerful tool that has helped me remember my intentions, make time for what’s important, and keep track of unexpected delights along the way. The Drive keeps me in touch with the most authentic part of me- the part of me that I WANT to steer my direction, but that can be easy to lose touch with when things busy and spastic. This Agenda is flexible enough to allow users creativity in how they incorporate it into their daily routine, but structured enough to provide reliability, consistency, and healthy habits that reverberate positivity into all corners of one’s life. There are useful resources, explanations, and examples that make this extremely user-friendly. In my experience, when I use this agenda on a regular basis, I see really powerful results. You will not regret incorporating this into your daily practice. If you ever get the chance to hear Denise speak in person, don’t miss it!
She is a font of wisdom and a guiding light for many.