My Daily Drive method (MDD) is part of the curriculum at So. CT State University. Professor Chulguen Yang, Ph.D.selected MDD as a required text for Seniors in the Business school.

Management 498 Art and Innovation, Leadership Course 2017 and 2018. Course Credits: MGT 498, 3 credits

Course Description: This is a hybrid course designed to cultivate the capabilities of paying attention, enhanced perceptual awareness, aesthetic imagination and observational skills through various arts, especially visual arts. This course hence adopts an experiential approach to enhance the students’ capacity for creativity and innovation. This class utilizes diverse content materials and pedagogical tools from visual arts, literature, films and music.

Required Course Texts:

DiGrigoli, D. (2016). My Daily Drive. An Agenda for Your Mind, Body, Sprit and Lifestyle, Fairfield, CT: Drive Consulting/Armida Publishing

Ray, M., & Myers, R. (1986). Creativity in business: Based on the famed Stanford University course that has revolutionized the art of success. New York, NY: Broadway Books. and Gompertz, W. (2015)

Think life an artist…and lead a more creative, productive life. London, UK: Penguin Books